Digital screens as the future of outdoor media

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18 / December / 2020

Advertising world is always on a lookout for new opportunities and options. Agencies and creatives are always trying to innovate, find new channels and outputs to reach maximum amount of potential customers as efficiently as possible. Thus far we have seen most new solutions happening in digital marketing due to more and more hours spent online, then recently we have been able to witness more innovative solutions in traditional advertising as well – in radio, TV and outdoor media. When in the first two media channels the new ideas

are more to do with the creative team and the new content that they are able to deliver, then outdoor media is also seeing innovation in physical form. Large-scale outdoor media spaces, bus stop advertisement boards and massive PVC billboards are being replaced with digital options. Advertisers are opting more towards various screens that are more multifunctional in an ever-changing world filled with unimaginable amount of information.

Why should you prefer digital screens as outdoor media spaces?

  • The possibility to show diverse content and display not only images, but also videos and animations.
  • The possibility to combine content and ads from multiple customers as well as display information from the local authorities. Customers do not need to invest in purchasing a certain media space for weeks or months.
  • Real time management and the ability to change content remotely allows to make changes any time of the day, add new content within minutes and mix up the sequence and frequency that each advertisement is displayed.
  • Digital advertisements reduce the time it takes from idea generation to being in front of the customers. Advertisers do not need to get costly physical materials printed and wait for the job to be finished. This is especially beneficial in cases where a mistake is discovered on the finished materials. In digital advertisements, this can be changed within minutes.
  • Advertisements displayed on a screen do not fade in time or in sunlight nor get damaged due to wind. Screen brightness can be adjusted any time to meet the light conditions outdoors, thus making all content always clearly visible.

Digital outdoor media solutions do not exclude any clients or target groups. Our experience shows that the screens might be purchased by be a private sector business, media agency who wants to manage the space as well as public sector organisations. If the company does not want to invest in their own screen right away and test the solutions before deciding, they have two options. Either they can purchase screen time on the existing screens managed by various media agencies or use a mobile LED trailer.

In first case, you have the option to purchase screen time and share the screen with other companies. However, if you want to show your content solely or test the screen in your desired location, then rent a mobile LED trailer. The screen on the mobile LED trailer is pretty much the same that are installed permanently. However the trailer allows you to take it any place you desire, even test multiple location during your test period. In addition, the screen turns 360-degrees around its axis, therefore you can also test different angles.

Today, there is a number of businesses that have opted to purchase their personal screens. This allows them to control all the content. If they encounter periods when they do not have enough content to display themselves, they always have the option to sell screen time to other businesses and organisations. In addition to advertisements, LED screens can be used to display locally relevant information such as guidelines from local authorities or traffic information about the surrounding area.

There is no doubt that screens are increasingly more used as outdoor media spaces. Today, there are enough different screens to find a solution that would fit your needs. Not only do we offer standard solutions, but we can deliver on special requests and provide screens of different sizes and shapes and install them where-ever necessary. However, if you do not have a clear vision in mind, do not hesitate to contact our team of experienced professionals, who will come to your aid in this process.

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