Our team has years of experience in working with audio and video equipment. We are focused on the development and installation of LED screens, LCD screens and audio equipment solutions.

Video production

Our team is capable of creating content for any kind of screen. We can aid you in creating simpler content such as Powerpoint presentations and corporate presentations. While we do not lack experience and know-how to produce high quality content for aftermovies, online live broadcasts as well as live broadcasts to television and local screens. In addition to producing the video content, we can add graphics and edit all content.

Technical event management

It is in our capabilities to plan and execute any kind of event’s complete technical solutions. We have rental partners across all three Baltic countries and in collaboration, we can execute any sized event anywhere.

Digital outdoor media

LED screens are a great way to make yourself noticeable on the streets. All content is managed real time online and all clips can be scheduled. Our network of screens is rapidly expanding.

Digital outdoor media

LED trailers are a great way to efficiently rely your message on the streets. Screens are attractive to consumers and content delivery is extremely flexible. All content can be schedules and changed real time online. LED trailer can be moved instantly and thus be placed wherever necessary at this moment.

In addition, we have some established sites for LED screens, where you can always purchase screen time to show your advertising content. If you wish to use innovative advertising solutions in your campaigns, then we are always up for co-operation.

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