LED trailers

All mobile LED trailers provide a 5×3 m sized screen with the pixel density of 4,8 mm. It is weatherproof and easy and fast to install. It only requires 16A power and the show may begin! Perfectly suitable solution for smaller and mid sized events.

LED modules

Our rental warehouse has a variety of P4 modules that can be installed as a floor or a wall, made up into a perimeter screen, bent to be curved and built as boxes. In addition we have  P2 modules for instances where our customers require a large scale high quality screen.

LCD screens

Our rental products come from Samsung professional screens range. You can find screens ranging from 10″ to 85″. LCD screens are for indoor use or can be installed outdoors if installed safely under shelter. Our screens come with stands and mounting equipment.

Outside broadcast unit

Our outside broadcast unit enables you to connect up to six cameras. Suitable for Full HD multicam recordings and live broadcasts. Allows to add graphics and show recorded clips from up to four cameras. We have VMIX, Resolume, Adobe CC and Avid MC licenses.

Turnkey solutions

We can provide turnkey solutions in terms of sound, light and video for small and mid scale events. If you have a conference, a presentation or a sports event to organize get everything you need from us!

Outside broadcast unit

Our outside broadcast (OB) unit enables you to record several camera feeds at once while also broadcasting it online or to television. Special design and high functionality turn it into a unique product. Our OB unit has a custom made wheeled box that allows it to be transported with ease. It can be taken indoors without complications, so when your conference or concert is happening inside, the team does not have to work outside. It is small enough to fit our minivan turning it into your personal professional broadcasting van for outdoor sports events, concerts and festivals.

Our OB unit enables you to record video feed from up to six camera and record all HD formats (1080 25p, 50i, 50p). It comes with everything necessary to put on your show without a glitch – wireless camera connection, powerful PC with VMIX, Resolume and Adobe CC software. The setup comes with a Blackmagic remote, recorder, converters, video matrix, Behringer X32R for sound editing and recording, and a powerful UPS to ensure no power outages.

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