LED screens

We offer both indoors and outdoor screens. You can find screens with different pixel density, including transparent LED screens. You can build LED screens into various sizes and shapes to create the most suitable solution for you.

LCD screens

Our selection includes all well-known screen brands, such as Samsung, Philips and LG, however we are specialized in professional Samsung LCD screens with the focus on Samsung SMART Signage Solutions range.


You can find clever and high quality audio solutions from our product range that are suitable for stores, sports clubs, gas stations and other commercial spaces. We represent AUDAC brand in Estonia and offer their amplifiers, speakers, players and controllers.

Mounting equipment

In terms of mounting equipment, we trust only the best of the best and therefore we offer a wide range of VOGELS’ high quality and innovative equipment. No matter where you need to install your screens and speakers, we can recommend you a suitable solution.

Content management and NDI

Our server park and software allow you to manage hundreds of screens at once without any complications or glitches. We offer equipment from brands such as Samsung, Amplespot and Birddog.

Content management and NDI

Simply having hardware is not enough! In order to guarantee that the visuals are always presented simultaneously on hundreds of screen you need clever solutions. Our content management software allows all content to be scheduled and broadcast in real time.

Samsung Magic Info

We represent Samsung Magic Info software solutions in Estonia. Samsung Magic Info can be integrated with any smart screen to make data transmitting easy and glitch-free! Simply one click on your smart device and the image will be changed on thousands of screens at once!


Amplespot software can be integrated with any screen and gives businesses an opportunity to connect with their clients. Start a dialog with them! Customer data collection and processing allow companies to make personalized offers and get an overview of customer behaviour in stores, restaurants and public areas. The system generates an overview with statistics of what kind of content customers respond to and where to make improvements to maximize results. It is an innovative solutions, which allows the comapnies to grow with their customers and create personal customer relationships.


Birddog is an innovative Australian technology brand that has developed the best NDI devices. NDi is a new IP-based video transmission standard that transmits simultaneously and without delay video, sound and camera communication signals through a local LAN network. Transmission is bilateral, thus going back and forth without any additional devices. You simply need a converter to turn traditional HDMI or SDI signal acceptable for the network. If you have a building with an existing local network and decide to digitalize all areas, then Birddog devices can connect all smart screens with the network and content delivery may begin!

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