The 100 faces of a virtual event

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2 / February / 2021

Virtual and hybrid events are gathering more and more popularity. When the coronavirus forced us to postpone all physical events and brought attention to the necessity of the virtual world, then we must admit that virtual events have been on the market even before the global pandemic hit us.

Virtual and hybrid events offer us flexibility that physical events often did not and in cases, are more cost-effective. For example, taking your conference to the virtual world, you do not have to plan into the schedule days of physical prep time,

fly in tens, hundreds or even thousands of people and can reach those who would not be able to attend due to their busy schedule or low travel budget. Given example is just one among many and represents a situation where making the event into a virtual one benefits both the organisers as well as the attendees. However, virtual event is a generic approach and the technical solutions can be adapted for any creative and content concept. Time to explore some of those concepts.

Conferences, seminars and meetings

When talking about virtual events, then majority of people have had some sort of experience with different conferences, seminars and meetings. There probably is not an employee who has not been involved in at least one Teams, Zoom or Skype virtual meeting by now. In a situation where physical meetings are not safe or long distances makes face-to-face meetings inefficient, virtual solutions are the best alternative. It is not a challenge to host simple virtual meetings by yourself. However, if you have many participants, want to share the content with external partners or later use the recording for different purposes, then seriously consider including a technical partner for a high quality result.

Panel discussions

The success of a panel discussion depends on high quality technical solutions. Each panelist needs to be heard and hear everyone else as well as be able to speak whenever necessary. When the panel discussion is held in physical form, creating a suitable technical solution is no challenge at all. However, the last few years have resulted in the development of high quality virtual solutions as well, that in the hands of an experienced technical team will result in a successful virtual panel discussion.

Training sessions and workshops

Virtual training sessions are rather popular across the world. Not only because these save the participants’ time and in current situation offer a safe alternative. Recorded training materials can be used for revision of the content. The coach can use the materials to include more participants at once and offer the training sessions at a suitable time and location for the participants.

Product launch events

Invite the entire world to your product launch! When hosting a virtual launch event, there are no restrictions due to the location or time. Nor is there a limit on participants. In addition to anyone interested being able to participate, you may record the entire event and use the content to market the new product later on.

Team building events

These past few years have proven to every CEO and team leader how important it is to unite and motivate your employees. In the current global pandemic, majority of traditional team activities have been cancelled, however it is more important than ever to keep the team intact. Whether you decide to host an educational training or offer an entertaining evening, bring your team together virtually and offer them a chance to spend time together.

Gala events

It is essential to recognise and praise people even during tougher times. Spectacular gala events were cancelled in 2020 and it looks like these will not be arranged in 2021 either. However, it is still possible to put together a festive gala event that will bring joy to the hosts and guests as well as the communities involved. Virtual solutions include interactive activities that can help to involve the viewers even more than during physical events.

Concerts and plays

It is certainly possible to generate and broadcast any kind of entertainment virtually, whether it is a concert to launch the artist’s new album or the premiere of a new theatre play. Virtual event gives the chance to participate to those who might not attend the physical event due to a long drive and you can share the recording of the event with those who are not available during the live event.

As you can see, there is hardly an event that cannot be arranged virtually. Simply let your creativity fly. As you have experienced, events have a certain value even during

tougher times. Do not let the opportunity to stay connected with your clients, colleagues and partners pass by.

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