Unique screens and sound system in NIKE flagship store

Time: January 2022
Location: Viru Shopping Centre, Tallinn

We installed LCD and LED screens with a sound system in the Nike flagship store in Viru Keskus. The transparent LED screen is also unique in the region. The massive 11.5m x 3m and 6.5m x 3m screens catch the eye in the hall of the shopping center, and the store has skillfully used the surface of the classic display window. The screen is transparent inside the store, but catches the eye with moving picture outside the store. In addition, there is a new and unique LED screen solution surrounding the entrance to the store with a size of 3m + 7m + 3m x 1m screens. As well 4 x 85“ Samsung LCD screens were installed. The entire exposition is controlled by the Novastar system.

You can read more about the screens HERE.

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