Nike x MyFitness virtual training day

Time: March 2021
Location: Ledzep Studio

Nike x MyFitness virtual training day had all gym junkies join in virtually this time and was broadcast directly from Ledzep Studio. As physical events are not allowed this spring either and the client did not want to cancel this annual traditional event two years in a row, then the best possible option was to take the event online. We completely re-built the studio for this event to match the client’s wishes and incorporate more of the brand essence of Nike as well as MyFitness. In addition to the training space, we also built a lounge, where the host and the coaches had interviews in-between the training sessions. The training day was captured with five cameras, including a crane cam for those dynamic shots. The entire light solution supported the activities on the stage and in the lounge and generated a suitable atmosphere. Besides all traditional sound solutions, we also utilized special head microphones to ensure that the coaches would be heard clearly and no exercise would be under-performed due to bad sound quality. We broadcast the event to the client’s website and the recording is available for future use.

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