Think Tank Praxis webinar
Time: November 2020
Location: Telliskivi Creative Hub

More and more get-togethers are moving online. When virtual events are already rather popular among people, then now it is time for all kind of conferences, meetings and workshops to move to the virtual world as well. High quality professional technical solutions are the basis for a successful virtual meeting. The more the happening has participants, the more complicated it is to ensure everyone a clear picture and sound. In November, Think Tank Praxis organised a webinar i.e. virtual meeting as a part of one of its ongoing programs. This time, only the panelists were present at the room and all other participants joined via Zoom. In order for the participants to be able to focus on the content of the meeting rather than worry about the picture freezing and sound crackling, we delivered a complete technical solution for the event. We ensured all necessary audio and light solutions, executed video production and brought together all parties.

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