Decora Tartu

Time: summer 2023
Location: Tartu

If you thought that the store would only show ads on the screens, you should head to the new Tartu Decora. Although the necessary advertising spaces have been solved with the help of different screens, there are actually more functions on the screens, for example, store plans and price lists of important goods are displayed on them. Depending on the location and purpose of the screens, different sized LCD screens have been used (three 75″ screens and six 55″ screens), all from Samsung’s range of professional screens. On the outdoor facade was placed a P6 pixel-density 5.76 m x 3.2 m sized LED screen. Additionally, we performed server setup and installed content management software. In addition, we also helped to set up the employee meeting room and installed Logitech and Barco meeting equipment with a 75″ LCD screen.

More detailed information about LCD screens can be found here.

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