Jõhvi athletics evening

Time: June 16th 2023
Location: Jõhvi stadium

On the 16th of June 2023, for the first time as part of the World Athletics Continental Tour, an international athletics competition was held at the Henio Lipp stadium in Ida-Virumaa county. The high-level athletics evening in Jõhvi has been included in the top 50 European competitions, meaning that the participants will receive higher rating points helping them to qualify for international competitions.

We contributed to the execution of the high-level competition with our two mobile LED trailers, which were the perfect surface for displaying the results of the athletes in real time. Changing the content is convenient because it takes place in real time and over the web – no one has to sit on a laptop connected to the sceen so that the newest results could reach the viewers instantly.

📷 Mihkel Maripuu

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