Nike Esinduskauplus at Ülemiste shopping centre
Time: November 2019
Location: Ülemiste shopping centre

Nike Esinduskauplus at Ülemiste centre is a perfect example of a digitalized commercial space. Various screens have been combined in the space, these have been also used as an interior design elements and the added audio solution transforms the shopping experience to something more special then simply purchasing a new item. at the heart of the digital solution is a large 4 m x 2,5 m LED screen installed as part of the window display solution. In addition to using it as an ad space for special offers, it can be used to carry the brand identity through images and the slogan. The store also features several large scale LCD screens and a professional audio solution by APART. All screens have content management software making those remotely controllable in real time.

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Check out the opening event of the store: LINK


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